My name is Laura – I’m a 25 year old RPCV who served in Ethiopia from 2009-2011. I came home a bit prematurely with a small brain tumor and something strange called Cushing’s Disease. I don’t often write in this blog, but hopefully it will now give you a bit of insight as to what it’s like to live with a crazy illness.


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  1. Christy Oxendine September 10, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    Hello Laura,

    I was happy to see that you are sharing your journey with those of us at UF. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer I know the joys and challenges that come with the “toughiest job you will every love.”

    Currently I am taking Dr. Sanders HIV/AIDS Education class. My group is in charge of creating a poster to present during World AIDs Day. Our country we chose is Ethiopia. I was on the HEB website and saw that you were in Ethiopia. I wanted to write and see if my group could possible ask you questions about your experiences in Ethiopia. If possible we would love to highlight some of the faces of Ethiopia that you have captured as well. I did not see an email on your site so I hope this way of contacting you is ok.


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