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April 4th will be my lucky day!

25 Mar


It’s a good thing that I enjoy lemonade, as life sure has thrown a few lemons my way this past year. The latest with my ongoing health saga is that I am indeed a candidate for a third brain surgery…duh! But this all had to be confirmed through a saliva test and then a 24 hour urinary cortisol collection test, wherein for 24 hours, I was fortunate enough to dump all of my urine into a neon orange gallon sized jug for the lab. The problem with this was that the incompetent imbeciles at LabCorp initially gave me an expired test kit, so I had to redo it. When I brought it to their attention, the response I got was, “Oh, guess we should have checked it before we gave it to you, haha! Actually, we just like seeing you around here all the time!” (Side note – they do know me by name there…) Just can’t sweat the small stuff, but all of these minor annoyances just feed into the bigger annoyance that is Cushing’s Disease.

Cortisol can be tested through many different bodily fluids – blood, urine, and saliva. My salivary cortisol test came back normal, but my urinary cortisol was way high, and coupled with me still having a bit of a brain tumor, weight gain, high BP, etc.,  a third surgery sounds like a lot of fun right about now. My neurosurgeon has never done 3 of the same operation for someone with Cushing’s, but I guess that just makes me a wee bit special. Here’s to hoping that the third time will in fact be the charm that sets me straight once and for all.

I requested that Shands and the Department of Labor duke it out with each other before scheduling me for surgery, as a lot goes into mentally preparing for such an occasion, and I didn’t want to be cancelled on once more. I got word Friday morning from the DoL that my procedure had been approved, then Shands called me yesterday afternoon to schedule a time. I chose Wednesday, April 4th as my lucky day, and am calling it an early Easter gift to myself. I seem to enjoy spending the holidays in/around the hospital!

IF this surgery isn’t successful, I’ll have to get my adrenal glands removed, but I do believe there is some truth in the cliché saying of the third time being a charm. 3 is a lucky number for many people, and I’m counting on myself as being one of those lucky individuals this time around. I would appreciate your positive energy/good vibrations being sent my way YET again! This stuff gets old, doesn’t it?! You think the hospital could work out a deal where I buy 2 and get 1 free. Or at least give me a punch card of sorts for these surgeries. Heck – I’d even settle for a gift certificate to the hospital gift shop as a way of them thanking me for all of the money I have fed into their bucket. Ha ha.

The Copeland family is always down for a good casserole in dire times. Kidding – I’m not dying or anything but I do enjoy food as you well know. This surgery has not yet been deemed a “medical emergency” like the last one, and that’s why we’re doing it at my earliest convenience. Please keep me, my family, and my doctors in your thoughts/prayers again, as it really will be happening soon! It’s on the books and unless my surgeon has somewhere else to be at the last minute, should be a go for April 4th…Thanks so much for your continued love and support, as it really means a lot to me. Don’t be a stranger and cross your fingers for a successful upcoming cranium surgery! And, download the app called Draw Something so we can play – it’s addictingly fun! Happy Spring!

With love and a camel no longer in tow,