Empty Bladder…on the floor.

25 Jan

So my blog is probably not as exciting as Bob Lob Law’s Law Blog (What what, AD!), but I think it’s still pretty informative and entertaining.

Going back to my previous entry, I have another story about muh bladder. Reader beware – it’s hysterical and only happens to the best of us. Are you ready?! OK: Go.
So, this happened a couple years back (October 2009), about 2 weeks after I arrived in Ethiopia as a Peace Corps Trainee (PCT for short – get used to PC-related acronyms)…Prior to being in PC, I had never in my life had bladder problems. Perhaps this was this start of my time with Cushing’s, although we’ll never know. Anywho, during training, our internet time was very limited – in that we only had access to a computer with The Innernette about 1x/week, usually to the tune of about 10 minutes per person (there were 41 trainees in my group, and most everyone wanted to check their sites/emails on a weekly basis…). So, I would always go to the internet bet (translation: Internet House) with my flash drive in hand, open up gmail, pull all my emails into a big word document, and throughout the course of the week, respond to each email on my computer back home, then send them out 1 week later. 
Well, on one particular Saturday, I think it was the first or second time going to our favorite Internet Bet, I was checking my sites, when I got the most incredible urge to pee. Before I could do ANYTHING about it, I just started peeing, while sitting down checking my Gmail. I was somewhat mortified, and also somewhat relieved that my full bladder was being emptied against my will. In the midst of my urine flow, I stood up and announced to the others in the room that I was in fact peeing on myself, and that there was nothing I could do about it at that point. Keep in mind that I didn’t really KNOW anyone in my group of trainees, and at the time, there were roughly 10 others in the internet place with me. 
Instead of crying, as a normal person would do, I just started cracking up, while a pool of urine formed underneath my feet. The ladies who worked at the store brought over a mop, cleaned up my mess, and acted as though what I had done was perfectly normal. Embarassed but still laughing, I paid for my Innernette use and went along my merry way, wet skirt in tow. One of the other kind trainees lent me her scarf to tie around my waist, and no one ever spoke of it again. Somehow my story never made it into the PC rumor mill, as vicious lies and funny rumors often did. I think everyone just felt bad for me, wouldn’t you?!
That’s all for today! Hope that made you laugh 🙂
With love and a camel no longer in tow,

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