Forever Lazy? Nope, Forever Thirsty for This Girl :(

14 Jan


e.e. cummings once said, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter”.  And how true this statement is. I have no idea where I would be in life without my sense of humor – it’s my one saving grace.

I had my first post-op appointment following my 2nd brain surgery yesterday down at Shands. I should have known beforehand – bad omen on Friday the 13th, right?! It was less than desirable, but I just have to keep my head up. I now have another bizarre rare hormonal disorder to add to my list of ailments. This one is called Diabetes Insipidus. Basically, during surgery, my pituitary was nicked on the posterior lobe, thus giving me this rare form of diabeetus. In a nut shell (I like cocoa dusted almonds), I will be dehydrated for the rest of my life. There’s a slim possibility that it could correct itself, but that’s not too likely to happen. I now have to get a medical alert bracelet and a card thing to keep in my wallet, alerting paramedics/life savers that I HAVE to have this medication if I am incapacitated, or else it will end badly. To make a long story short, be sure you have plenty of water in store if I ever come visit you…For the rest of my life I will be thirsty and have to take something called DDAVP 2x a day to control my thirst and muh bladder. Blerg!

So that’s fun point number one. Number two is that my cortisol went down after surgery, but then spiked back up, and so it can’t be measured again for 3 weeks, until I am off of my steroid medication. But, my endocrinologist is not yet ruling out the very real possibility of me having to have my adrenal glands removed. Not ideal, but if I have already survived 2 brain snurgeries, I think I can handle this one. I have always lived by the fortune cookie “fortune” I once got that said, “Don’t let statistics do number on you”…but ultimately, I feel as though I have failed this fortune. It has become somewhat of a misfortune in my life…

I asked my endocrinologist for a prescription for more cowbell cause I had a fever. She actually laughed and was very pleasant during our entire appointment (but only prescribed me more DDAVP). Hahaha. Love me some old SNL, Will Ferrell style. She’s on par with me doing cool things with my life and gave me the go-ahead to fly and to attend my silent meditation course. Starting this Wednesday, I’ll be doing some traveling for a little more than a month, which I’m really looking forward to. I am going to ATL, Wisconsin, Meditation course (no talking/texting/facebooking/AHHHH!!), ATL again, and my bestie from PC, Kate, is coming to visit!! We’re going to listen/meet Aaron Williams, the director of Peace Corps in Gainesville on Feb 21, then make a trip to Orlando to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Should be a good time…

A conclusion that I drew while at Shands yesterday is that Canadian tuxedos (jean on jean) are never a good idea…I saw 3 people wearing them at the hospital. Also, please don’t bring your Chihuahua to the hospital. I have now seen 2 of them, neither of which were service dogs…both of which were wearing dog clothing. Come on people!

What would YOU give a world renowned neurosurgeon who has literally saved your life 2x in 6 months?! I got Dr. Roper a pretty clever little gift in the form of a fair trade, sustainably made hand-carved wooden nose that sits on a desk and is a glasses holder. He LOVED it, as he operates through schnozzes and he wears glasses. I also got a set of fake staches for all of us to wear yesterday (he has a sweet stache), but neither my parents nor my case manager wanted to wear them! Go figure.

I am looking forward to being active again and losing some of this weight. I can’t wait to hit the pavement in the form of biking and even power-walking/yogging! Also, my first tat tat has to be put on hold, until I get down to the size I want to be. I am going to get a tattoo in the form of a gnome riding a camel. It’s going to be somewhat amazing, so you should probably be jealous! But, my endocrinologist said if I get it now, it will most likely morph into a blob after I lose the weight. Again, not ideal!

Well, Happy New Year to you and yours and I hope it’s off to a good start thus far. My year is going to be nothing short of awesome, and I hope yours is the same way. To quote my favorite pop star, Rihanna, “Life’s too short to be sittin round miserable….” Hahahahaha how true. Get out there and do something adventurous with your life. Hang glide on a dorito like Marcel the Shell. Eat chocolate if you want to eat chocolate. Why? Because it’s worth it. And YOU’RE worth it as well. Thanks for your continued love and support – you’re all wonderfully amazing people and I’m lucky to have you in my life.

With love and a thirst for ice water in tow,



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